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Storage Wars How The West Covina Was Won Play Hurling

Play Hurling Featured On Storage Wars

Play Hurling was featured on A&E’s Storage Wars. We were asked to make an appearance to talk about hurling. You can watch our TV debut on Season 14 Episode 4: “How The West Covina Was Won” on A&E and Hulu TV.

What is hurling?

Hurling San Diego West Coast Sevens
Vancouver’s Cú Chulainn GAA Club vs San Francisco Tipperary at the San Diego West Coast Sevens Tournament
(Photo Credit: KC Alfred)

Hurling is Ireland’s National Sport, but it is also played internationally. It is a fast-paced stick sport, played on a grassy field between two teams with fifteen players either side. To learn more about the sport of hurling, see What is Hurling.

Interested in playing hurling? 

There are 170+ hurling teams in the US and Canada, with new clubs popping up all over North America.

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