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Canadians React To Hurling

Watch Canadians react to the fastest field sport in the world – Hurling! Since hurling is such an incredibly unique sport, I figured the best way to get Canadians excited about hurling is to simply show them a game. Most of them compared hurling to North American sports they’re familiar with and there is some […]

Play Hurling on Boston Herald Radio

Play Hurling talked on Boston Herald Radio sports show, Fargo Street, about why people around the world should be playing hurling. Listen to the interview here:

What Hurling Means To Me

Hurling has had an enormous impact on the lives of people all over the world. I recently collaborated with a few members of the global hurling community from clubs in Ireland, Germany, and the USA to create this heart-warming and uplifting video. Special thanks to those who participated: Ireland: The three lads from St. Kieran’s […]

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