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What is Hurling?

Hurling is a 3000-year-old Irish stick and ball sport played with 2 teams with 15 players each played in two 35 minute halves (or 30 minute at club level).

Hurling equipment

Hurling is played using a wooden or synthetic stick, called a hurl or a hurley, and a leather ball that is similar to a baseball, called a sliotar, in an exciting and fast-paced field game.

Hurling is the fastest field sport

Hurling is Ireland’s national sport and considered to be the world’s oldest and fastest field sport with the ball being hit at speeds up to 110+ mph.

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How many hurling clubs are in North America?

hurling clubs near me US Canada

As of April 2020, there are 161 hurling teams in the US and Canada, with new clubs popping up all over North America.

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