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Hurling vs Lacrosse (Hurlacrosse)

What is Hurlacrosse?

Hurling vs. Lacrosse, or Hurlacrosse, is a compromised rules game where one hurling team plays against one lacrosse team, using their respective sports sticks.

Hurling vs Lacrosse Croke Park Dublin Ireland

The intention of this game is to celebrate the multi-sport athlete by choosing the best elements of each sport and to demonstrate the similarities of both games in sporting heritage and culture.

This hybrid game was created to help organizers and clubs expand the hurling community in North America, and for organizers and to expand the lacrosse community in Ireland.

Since 2009, hurlacrosse matches have been played in 6 cities around the world: Queens University Belfast, Croke Park in Dublin, Darmstadt in Germany, Los Angeles in California USA, Wellington in New Zealand, and Blackrock in Cork.

Two ancient games celebrate their heritage side by side on the same field, despite the two sports being developed independently on opposite sides of the world.

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