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Hurling Helmet Sizing Chart

Wondering what size hurling helmet you need? See the charts below to know which hurling helmet size is best for you

Mycro Hurling Helmet Size Guide

If you’re buying a Mycro Helmet, the recommended measurement sizes are as follows:

Hurling Helmet Mycro Plain Black Solid

Extra extra small: 3-4 years (47cm / 18.5 inches)

Extra small:           4-5 years (49cm / 19.3 inches)

Small:                      6-10 years (51cm / 20 inches)

Medium:                 11-17 years (53cm / 20.8 inches)

Large:                       18+ (56cm / 22 inches)

Extra large:             18+ (59cm / 23.2 inches)

*  These sizes are a guideline, individuals may vary between sizes. *

Azzurri Hurling Helmet Size Guide

If you’re buying an Azzurri Helmet, the recommended measurement sizes are as follows:

Extra small:           4-5 years (50cm / 19.7 inches)

Small:                      6-10 years (54cm / 21.3 inches)

Medium:                 11-17 years (57cm / 22.4 inches)

Large:                       18+ (60cm / 23.6 inches)

Extra large:             18+ (63cm / 24.8 inches)

How To Measure Your Head For A Hurling Helmet

Here are directions you can follow to measure for a hurling helmet:

  1. Using measuring tape, start 1 inch above your eyebrows and bring the tape around the circumference of your head. Like this:
    • image.png
    • If you don’t have measuring tape, you can wrap a piece of string, as shown above, then measure the length of the string on a flat surface alongside a ruler.
  2. Ensure that the measuring tape (or string) is level all the way round.
    • The measuring tape should be comfortably snug around your head, but not too tight. The padding on helmets does relax and expand with consistent use, which makes the helmet looser over time.
  3. Take note of the circumference of your head, and compare it to the table above.

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