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Play Hurling is the go-to place for hurling equipment in North America. We're based in California which means faster delivery across the USA and Canada.

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"I have purchased sliotars off Dave for New York GAA for a few years now. I have ALWAYS received a highly quality product, excellent customer service and in the fastest possible manner too."
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Micky Q.
New York GAA
"Great community to spread hurling news and love our custom sliotars we ordered! Our team looked very professional at our May tournament."
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Jake O.
Montreal Shamrocks GAC
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Why Play Hurling

There are so many reasons why you should play hurling!

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Skills You Already Know

Hurling is the integration of major North American sports. Hurling has the toughness of hockey, the speed of lacrosse, and the hand-eye coordination of baseball.

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Connection With Irish Culture

Hurling is an integral part of many Irish people’s lives all over the world and you can become part of our amazing community!

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Equipment Costs Less

Equipment costs less than other major North American sports. The required equipment is a hurl, helmet, and a sliotar. Optional equipment includes an ashguard and shin guards.

Hurling Is The Fastest Field Sport In The World

Hurling is considered to be the world’s oldest and fastest field sport with the ball being hit at speeds above 100 mph. Hurling is a 3000-year-old game and the purpose of this platform is to spread hurling to a global audience. 

Hurling is the fastest field sport in the world - hurling baseball hockey world speed records

200+ Clubs in North America

There are 200+ clubs in North America so there may be a club closer than you think! To find a club near you, check out the Play Hurling club finder.

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How does Hurling compare to other North American sports?

Hurling is perfect for multi-sport athletes!

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Hurling is fast-paced like lacrosse

(*Lacrosse icon by Darrin Loeliger from the Noun Project)

Requires the same level of hand-eye coordination as baseball

Hurling has the toughness of hockey

All in one sport!

Hurling: The Athletes Sport!

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Don’t wait weeks for hurling equipment to arrive from Ireland. We’re based in California, which means faster delivery across the USA and Canada.

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Hurling is one of the most exciting and skillful games ever played! Join in on the action!

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We pick the very best so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to materials, ease of wear, and durability.

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Based in California which means faster delivery across the USA and Canada.

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