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How To Play Hurling

Hurling is an Irish sport that combines the skills of field hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. It is played using a wooden stick, called a hurl or a hurley, and a leather ball that is similar to a baseball, called a sliotar, in an exciting and fast-paced field game.

What Is Hurling

Hurling is a 3000-year-old Irish game and is the fastest field game in the world. It’s made up of 3 simple elements: a hurl, a leather ball (called a sliotar), and a player.

The game is made up of 2 teams with 15 players each and the objective of the game is to get this ball into a net or above a crossbar.

There are 2 ways to get the ball from the ground into your hand. There’s the jab lift and there’s the roll lift.

To pass the ball to your team mate, there is pretty much 2 basic ways to do it: there’s a hurl pass and there’s a hand pass.

Now you know the basics of hurling!

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