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11 Fun Facts About Hurling

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of fun facts about hurling!

Fact #1 – Hurling In The Olympics

In the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis, MO, hurling was a demonstration sport. (Source:

Fact #2 – All-Ireland Hurling Final

Every year, over 82,000 people attend the All-Ireland Hurling Final (the Super Bowl of hurling) in Croke Park in Dublin. (Source:

Fact #3 – Hurling Is The Fastest Field Sport

Hurling is considered to be the world’s oldest and fastest field sport with the ball being hit at speeds up to 100 mph. (Source:

Fact #4 – The Origin of Puck

The word “puck” used in ice hockey is derived from the Irish word “poc” which refers to striking the ball with a hurl. (Source:

Fact #5 – Hurling In 10 Sporting Events You Have To See Live

The All-Ireland Hurling Final was listed as #2 in CNN’s “10 Sporting Events You Have To See Live” (Source:

Fact #6 – Hurloween At The Milwaukee Hurling Club

The Milwaukee Hurling Club is the largest hurling club outside of Ireland. Every year, they host an event called “Hurloween” where players dress up in costume and play hurling. (Source:

Fact #7 – Hurling Industry In Ireland

There are about 350,000 hurls produced in Ireland every year which supports 400 full-time jobs. (Source:

Fact #8 – Hurling Trained Warriors

There are theories that the origin of hurling was to train warriors for battle in the middle ages. Other theories suggest that hurling was played as an alternative to war. (Source:

Fact #9 – The First Hurler

According to Irish mythology, the first hurler was Cú Chulainn who used a hurl & sliotar to defeat a vicious hound. (Source:

Fact #10 – Hurling & The US Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps have two hurling teams called “The Wild Geese” and “The Barley House Wolves” (Source:

Fact #11 – Hurling Banned In Quebec City

In 1845, hurling was banned on the narrow streets of Quebec City as it was considered too dangerous. (Source:

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