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hurling across the us trailer

Hurling Across The US (Trailer)

Follow my journey across the US interviewing hurling and camogie clubs. This is a preview to a mini-documentary that highlights the growing hurling and camogie community across the country. The mini-documentary is coming soon, so stay tuned!

From coast to coast in the US, you can find a hurling or camogie club. There are 120+ clubs in North America so there may be a club closer than you think!

To find a club near you, check out the Play Hurling club finder.

Special thanks to all the clubs that participated:
Celtic Cowboys Austin
Clan Na nGael Atlanta
Raleigh GAA
UNC Hurling Club
Tampa Bay Hurling Club
Knoxville GAC
Memphis GAA
Play Hurling Los Angeles

Also, thanks to the GAA on Reddit page for your suggestions for this video in December 2016!

Music by:
Andrew Applepie

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