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Hurling Tournaments

2024 Poc Fada on the Beach

2024 Poc Fada on the Beach

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Los Angeles Hurling Club and will be hosting LA's 3rd Annual Poc Fada Competition on Santa Monica beach.
2024 Montana Early St. Patrick’s Day Hurling Match

2024 Montana Early St. Patrick’s Day Hurling Match

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Montana Grizzlies take on Thomas Meagher Hurling Club in their annual St. Patrick’s Day game.


  1. Hello. How do I get a tournament added to this list?

    1. Hi, you can email the tournament details (date, location, brief description) to: [email protected] and I’ll get it added to the list. Thanks!

  2. Maryanne Loonam

    Hi, is the CYC the only event with youth games?

    1. Hi Maryanne, yes the CYC is the only youth event as of the tournaments announced to date. The Madison (Wisconsin) Midwest Tournament had a youth section in 2022, but you’d need to contact the Hurling Club of Madison directly if there are plans for a youth match again this year. This page will be updated throughout the year as more tournament dates are officially announced.

  3. Bill Jones - Hurling Club of Madison

    Thanks for the shoutout David!

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