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Submit Videos For 100 North Americans Try Hurling

My aim for the Play Hurling YouTube channel is to promote hurling and camogie to new audiences and to help the Irish abroad connect with the hurling community in North America. I’m looking for clubs and players in the US and Canada to send me videos of beginners practising the skills of Hurling and Camogie, in particular people who have recently been introduced to the sport.

Why be a part of this video?

There is a lack of general awareness among locals about hurling and camogie teams in the US and Canada. This is an opportunity to expose North American clubs to a new audience and grow their club’s online presence.

Many Canadians and Americans I’ve interacted with are unaware clubs exist in their city. This video intends to show locals trying it to encourage others living in that city to give hurling and camogie a try.

What you can do to be part of this video

  • Record the skill attempt (e.g. let them attempt a roll/jab lift, striking the ball out of the hand, etc.)
  • Then, record their comments – Ask one or a few probing questions like:
    • “What did you think?”
    • “Did you like hurling/camogie?”
    • “How did it compare to sports you’ve previously played?”
    • “Would you play it again?”
    • “Would you go watch a game?”
  • Make sure to record in landscape view (to avoid the black boxes on the side of the video)
  • Afterwards, email me at [email protected] and I’ll give you details on how you can share the footage with me either through Dropbox or Google Drive, whichever suits you best.

Here’s an example of the type of footage I’m talking about – from 7 seconds until 37 seconds of this video:


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