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Albany Rebels

The Albany Rebels are a men’s Gaelic football and hurling club that compete in the Midwest Division of the North American County Board.

Finger Lakes Hurling Club

Residents of the Finger Lakes communities dedicated to the Irish sport of Hurling. We hope to grow the sport throughout the community and greater region and eventually compete at the national level.

Roc City Hurling

Roc City Hurling is a Rochester, N.Y., based hurling league tasked with promoting and developing Irish culture and the ancient game of hurling.

Waterford Hurling Club New York

Waterford Hurling Club New York

Waterford Hurling Club is a hurling club based in New York, We currently compete in the 2nd Division of New York Hurling Championship, Everyone Welcome

Tipperary Hurling Club New York

Tipperary Hurling Club NYC

Hurling Club based in the Bronx/Yonkers area of New York. Play games in Gaelic Park in the summer and travel around to other states to play smaller tournaments. Contact us with any queries [email protected]

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