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Halifax Gaels GAA Club

The Halifax Gaels GAA Club was founded in early 2012, after 125 year hiatus. A meeting was held at Durty Nelly’s to gauge interest in Halifax for a GAA club, and attendance was of 10 people, from Irish and Canadians backgrounds. Of the 10 people who first attended the meeting, there was enough knowledge of Gaelic sports that the Club would be able to teach the skills necessary to play to some who would be new to the games.

The Old Triangle, Durty Nelly’s and Pogue Fado were approached to sponsor the Club, and all were more than happy to be a part of bringing Gaelic sports back to Halifax after its 125 year hiatus.

The first month the club was formed, we trained on the Garrison Grounds, most days in the rain. Admiral Insurance was approached for sponsorship, and they graciously offered to help with the purchasing of our Club jerseys.

In July, after some extensive training, we learned of an opportunity to play a match against St. John’s Avalon Harps from Newfoundland. We played in Halifax on the Wanderers Grounds, a match of both Gaelic Football and Hurling in front of a crowd of 200+ people, and all enjoyed the experience.

Since then, the Club is growing in size and interest. We now have a panel of 15-25 players, and a loyal fan base. With the Club being only a year old, we hope for more opportunities to play against other teams from Canada and abroad, and we are all looking forward to an exciting year of Gaelic Sports in Halifax!

Halifax Gaels GAA Club
Garrison Grounds
Halifax NS Canada
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