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Canadians React To Hurling

Watch Canadians react to the fastest field sport in the world – Hurling! Since hurling is such an incredibly unique sport, I figured the best way to get Canadians excited about hurling is to simply show them a game. Most of them compared hurling to North American sports they’re familiar with and there is some […]

Play Hurling on Boston Herald Radio

Play Hurling talked on Boston Herald Radio sports show, Fargo Street, about why people around the world should be playing hurling. Listen to the interview here:

What Hurling Means To Me

Hurling has had an enormous impact on the lives of people all over the world. I recently collaborated with a few members of the global hurling community from clubs in Ireland, Germany, and the USA to create this heart-warming and uplifting video. Special thanks to those who participated: Ireland: The three lads from St. Kieran’s […]

Hurling vs. Lacrosse vs. Field Hockey

Hurling is an Irish sport that combines the skills of field hockey and lacrosse. Check out this infographic that compares the three sports. Infographic by Jurys Inn Hotels

Lacrosse Players Try Hurling

University of Toronto lacrosse players take their first hurling lesson and they were naturals at it! Hurling is an Irish sport like lacrosse. Both are stick sports played on a field with similar objectives and rich histories. A special thanks to Cultec for supplying the hurls used in this video. If you’re interested in buying […]

How To Take A Sideline Cut In Hurling

In this video, you’ll learn how to take a sideline cut in hurling and how to avoid some common mistakes. Video transcript: Hey, I’m David from Play Hurling and this is how you take a sideline cut. A sideline cut is performed when the ball goes out of bounds from the sideline, which seems pretty […]

Americans Try Hurling at VidCon 2015

At VidCon 2015, I challenged some American YouTubers to try the Irish sport hurling and we had a lot of fun! A special thanks to the YouTubers who took part! Check out their channels here: Kelsey Impicciche Bratknee Daniel Dorable MirandaTheAdventurer thisisathing

Hurling Around Toronto

Hey Canada, hurling has officially hit the streets of Toronto! In this video, I venture all around Toronto including: Nathan Phillips Square Trinity Bellwoods Park Princes’ Gate Inukshuk at Exhibition Place Éireann Quay Toronto Music Garden Toronto Harbourfront Toronto Waterfront Wavedecks Air Canada Centre Rogers Centre Art Gallery of Ontario Nathan Phillips Square Yonge-Dundas Square […]

11 Fun Facts About Hurling

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of fun facts about hurling! Fact #1 – Hurling In The Olympics In the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis, MO, hurling was a demonstration sport. (Source: Fact #2 – All-Ireland Hurling Final Every year, over 82,000 people attend the All-Ireland Hurling Final (the […]

10 Hurling Rules That You Should Know

Want to learn about the rules of the Irish sport hurling? Well, here’s 10 basic rules that you should know to play the sport. The Objectives Of Hurling. The objective of hurling is to use a wooden stick, called a hurl, to hit a small leather ball, called a sliotar, between a H-shaped goalpost. Hurling […]

Hurling Training Drills

Check out this tutorial on hurling training drills to help you keep fit no matter what the season! In this lesson, you’ll learn: – How to dribble the ball on the ground around an opposing player – How to solo the ball around an opposing player – How to practice jab lifting the ball – […]

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